Company Profile

∙ Company Overview
BOTN is the exclusive brand of TIA's masks.
PM 2.5 microscopic particles, smog, dust, and harmful gases are increasing day by day.
We are an enterprise with advanced technology masks which protects your respiratory system via
our patented dust prevention mask.

∙ Product Information
1. Patented Adjustable ear loop function
Adjustable ear loop function It's also comfortable to wear for a long time. In addition, the lanyard can be adjusted outside. Reduced skin irritation.
2. Ergonomics 3D solid structure
3D structure with design patent. More interior space and breathe more smoothly.
3. Adjustable nose bridge
Adjustable nose bridge. Strong fit No fogging. Comfortable to wear.
4. Quadruple filtration certified by Food and Drug Administration (in KOREA)
Tetrahedral structure of inner layer, electrostatic filter layer, middle and outer layer reinforced with DuPont hard cells. The filtering effect of superfine dust exceeds 94%

Company History

February, 2020 Patent registration for masks No.10-2078504
January, 2020 Patent registration No.10-2072927 concerning mask manufacturing methods and devices
April, 2020 BOTN Trademark Registration No.40-1598562
April, 2020 TIA Trademark Registration No.40-1598563
October, 2019 Patent registration for masks No.10-2039702
July, 2019 KF94 Manufacturing and sales of masks, approval from the Food and Drug Administration for non-medical products.
July, 2019 KF80 Manufacturing and Sales of Mask, Food and Drug Administration Item Permit.
July, 2019 Declaration of manufacturing of nonmedical products.
February, 2019 Design Registration for Mask Body No. 30-0996263
October, 2019 Manufacturing and sales of health masks, approval of items from the Food and Drug Administration for nonmedical products.
August, 2018 TIA Establishment.

Factory / Branch Office

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  • The person in charge

    changsu Kim
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  • Address

    20 Daedonggongdan 2-gil Mangyeong-eup, Gimje-si, Jeollabuk-do (54325)
Business Type Manufacturer
Main Product kf94 Botn Mask
Established 2018-08-08
Total Annual Revenue 4~5 billion (KRW)
Total Employees 11~50 people